Membership is limited to 150 Active Exhibiting and an unlimited number of Associate and Honorary members.  Currently, we have opened membership to include those who do not meet the former Pittsford residency requirement.

Download our New member application.

New members may join at any time of the year and are encouraged to bring in a few examples of their art to their first meeting.

Existing members annual fees are due by June 30th for the upcoming fiscal year. To be included in the Membership Directory and to continue receiving group communications, payment must be received on time.

Shows and other events

During the months of November and March, the group holds its two juried shows. A judge selects admitted artwork, determines awards, and attends the opening reception at which the winning entries are announced and ribbons are awarded. At the close of the show the judge hosts a critique for all members. The location of the fall show varies, however, the spring show is traditionally held at the Pittsford Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Between November and February, we offer the opportunity to participate in a non-juried holiday show and sale held at the Pittsford Federal Credit Union in Mendon. A popular vote award(s) is presented.

A members’ picnic at a local park typically in June, with a final demonstration or activity closes out the fiscal year.

Additional Exhibiting

Member artists may also exhibit throughout the year at several locations such as the Pittsford Town Hall, Star Physical Therapy, The Rochester Friendly Home, and the Pittsford Presbyterian Church.